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Huh, so this nice OSX blog editing software I bought has the additional feature of eating all the text the first time you post an entry. So here's a second try.

A year ago I installed a bunch of security cameras around the house. These cameras were not too expensive but have a great picture, infrared lights built in (to see in the dark), and they're very reliable (more than a year straight with no problems). Now InternetProtocol cameras usually have a built-in server and can do much more, but they're a lot more money and a bunch of wires (basically you need an AC outlet installed behind the wall where you want the camera) and of course even more money for wireless (but you'll still need AC). So these are much better.


I'm controlling them with ZoneMinder which has been probably the best feature-heavy open source software I use - very reliable and installation did not require a huge amount of futzing (considering the complexity - it uses shared memory heavily, it's a combination of C, PHP and Perl, and interfaces directly to video capture hardware). The cameras just provide a dumb video stream 24x7, then the software does motion-analysis on the JPEG stream in software, and can adjust framerate on the fly when it detects something. I wrote some code today to compress the JPEG stream to video and put some of them on this site, along with current images from a couple of the cameras (I'm not posting the locations of all of them, of course!)

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