Elijah's New Toys

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Today was a pretty cloudy rainy day, and we'd had lots of sunny fun yesterday. On such rainy Sundays we have a little tradition of going swimming at this fabulous indoor pool, hitting the Toys R Us for a small toy, and then having lunch nearby, and getting to play, eat, and talk as a family. Well, usually it's a small toy, but this time we brought a gift certificate from his godparents, sent last Christmas, and he cashed in! Even better, the restaurant's kids menus could be assembled into a red cardboard corvette, so the trooper had wheels too.

Elijah is actually overwhelmed by such generosity - we put the Legos away for another day, and he gave the Luke figure to his brother. He just wanted a trooper to have a little picnic with and drive in the corvette. Mostly he wants you to have your guy stand around with his guy and they say "Hi" to each other. Then often one falls off a cliff with a long Wilhelm scream, and... repeat. "Hi." Better plot than Episode 1 anyway.

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