Lemon Tart

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Did I make this one on baking day? I forget. I saw Lemon Curd in a gourmet food store for something like $12.95 a bottle. This one is super easy - I use a wok so it doesn't boil or curdle. It's 4 eggs and a cup of sugar, the rind grated off a lemon, squeeze in the juice (try not to drop any seeds in!), and add another 1/3 cup of lemon juice. Then heat and whisk til it thickens. It's pretty fantastic all by itself but I add the raspberries for color and to make it look pro.

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Nancy makes the crust in the food processor for me. It's not a French-style cookie crust, more of an American style flaky crust. She's pretty much got that kind of crust perfected via the processor . Finn won't touch it, of course. Makes a great breakfast or dessert with coffee. The lemon flavour is super-strong.

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