OSCON In Portland

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This week I'm at the Open Source conference in Portland, OR. I took the train down from Seattle. The train has power, so I was able to start my geek-out with Nancy's 12" Powerbook (Mac) laptop (I'm working on a application to help track the new baby's diaper, eating and sleeping habits. It's super nice to have the laptop at the conference too. There's wireless everywhere, so I can take notes - download software - try out the programming I'm learning about - or blog to my diary website! But I'll need power soon - I'm only an hour into my first class (learning Python, a new language) and running low on juice. Ok, I just got somebody to plug me in. Hope they don't trip over the cord! The city is nice. The weather is really sunny right now (same as Seattle). Last night I had a nice steak dinner at a different hotel, wandered around, and got a huge ice cream cone down near the Marina on the river. There's a few speedboats running around but a bit less than say Lake Washington in the city of Seattle. I wish Nancy could have come. We were planning to be here together and she could just relax while I'm at the conference. But like my last planned "junket", she had to cancel - her schedule surprised her with a wedding to photograph on Sunday.

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Nancy Treder said:

I wish I could be there with you too, but we would need two laptops. While you are getting "plugged in" with the Open Source Scene, I've been working on putting up molding and it's starting to look good! I may not be Martha Stewart, but then again who wants to be?

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