Baby ToDo

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There are so many things to take care of! Here's a list I got from the
Suze Orman (who is actually writing a lot of smart articles lately).

Check on life insurance : we'll need insurance on Nancy too now, which
I don't think I got before. What about an irrevocable life insurance
trust - will it protect the insurance money from estate taxes, thereby
needing less of it? Of course this would only be necessary if the
beneficiary is somebody other than Nancy.

Disability insurance - needs to be for "owner's occupation", and needs
to be "guaranteed renewable". Perhaps I should check out getting this
insurance from somebody other than And what is the
"elimination period" - how long you have to wait after getting hurt to
start getting paid.

Home insurance - I'm paying way too much.

Will - perhaps Suze Orman's portfolio protector package can do the job
of a $ 3000 lawyer.

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