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I've been meaning to change my blogging habits for a long time. The kids are growing up so fast, and writing down their exploits daily (along with taking pictures) seems like a good way to hold onto some of those memories. In order to get there though I needed to clear away some of the obstacles : the Movable Type software was aging; the disk was full; and handling images was just too hard. I mean it's easy enough to resize them, easy enough to upload them; easy enough to cut out thumbnails; and easy enough to write a link tag. But doing each of those easy things over and over again screams out for automation - and it just takes too much time for a daily task. I need the tools to get out of the way.

So, I took the time today to upgrade the software (boy, MT4 still has a lot of rough edges : the upgrade broke all the blogs even without touching the templates or stylesheets, until I exported and reimported them again - which is now a routine step with MT upgrades), and found a nice blogging client software (ecto) that does the image resizing automatically. Everybody's blogs are upgraded (some of you have a new look - hope you like it, but you can change it) and I also added one for Barb as a Xmas present.

So now I have no excuses. Writing skills are a bit rusty, and I'm still pretty inhibited about blathering on every day, but I'm going to try. Here's a picture just in case the witing gets really boring : me as a Jedi with Batman and Dick Grayson (that's Robin's mild mannered alter ego, aka Elijah, as he's out of costume) on Halloween.


Carrie Author Profile Page said:

I know what you mean about being inhibited. I think part of it is that it's a family blog (at least for me), and therefore, not completely anonymous. But I know that I LIKE to hear what everyone else has to say, even if I don't agree. So blather away. Besides, it gives me more confidence to do it myself. :)

Thank you for updating the site! I like my trees.

Love, C

Doug Treder Author Profile Page said:

By the way, for anyone who finds this blog as a comment on MovableType 4 : that 'routine step' was meant sarcastically. It sucks that I have to export all my blogs to text files, and reimport them, because they break all the templates and styles on each upgrade. But that's the only way I've found to safely make sure I get the new templates (which would be no big deal if the old ones hadn't been completely broken by the upgrade).

Monica Author Profile Page said:

I can't seem to log in, it will only let me comment, how do I get to my page????

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