Top Ten Moments in Grenade's Life

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  1. Having a beer (root) while hanging out with Doug while Nancy is at the DMZ. Grenade was trying to see if I was boyfriend material for his new owner.

  2. After bedtime, it's dark: we can only hear Grenade, not see him. Lap-lap-lap-lap he takes an enormous drink of water for what seems like minutes, then thump-thump-thump-thump waddle down the hall towards the bedroom. Doug whispers a prediction: "he's gonna burp - " BRAAAAAAAAP.

  3. Learning to roll over and shake hands. He already knew twirl before he ever came to us.

  4. Jogging with Nancy and getting an entire slice of Wonder bread to eat afterwards.

  5. Hiking up Cougar mountain. Grenade hikes well but also rides some of the way in Nancy's warm coat.

  6. Wandering around the room trying every possible pillow, consistently finding the highest, softest, fluffiest set of pillows in the entire house. This dog could be the corporate buyer for Bed Bath and Beyond.

  7. Grenade is resting on some pillows, then inexplicably gets up and wanders silently away. A moment later we smell the most godawful dogfart ever. Doug (in a Texan drawl) : "Thuhat's why thay cahll me Gruhnayde!"

  8. Getting left on the tarmac in Seattle when we travelled to Michigan. Grenade took his own flight and arrived six hours late.

  9. Sitting in the barbershop, the old woman sitting next to him says "I'm a pet psychic, and I'm sensing that your dog was a cat in a former life." Oh, really? That explains a lot.

  10. Grenade received a badge and email alias for working at Amazon back in the early days. He once wandered into the Amazon datacenter and took a dump next to the new database machines (he was being considerate, trying to avoid the carpeted area) causing an extremely funny entry in the operator's logs that day...

    and the top moment in Grenade's life:

  11. Wandering from the streets onto Camp Hialeah Army Post in Pusan, South Korea, which just happened to have the only K-9 unit for hundreds of miles, and a new lieutenant looking for a friend. This was one lucky dog.

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sara said:

I love this, especially #11. You are a very good husband, Doug.
I especially remember #8: I had a biochemistry final the next day, and was studying in the airport while Doug and Nancy paced the airport. How you guys have such bad luck on the Seattle/Detroit flights...

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