French Harry Potter

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One of the best times we had in Europe was in Amsterdam. We went to see the combined Caravaggio/Rembrandt exhibit at the Van Gogh museum. Since it's Rembrandt's 400th birthday, they've moved all the Rembrandts all over town (perhaps to maximize revenue?), but the best ones are here in Van Gogh. The wait was hours long, and the paintings are walled off in a special dark, quiet area packed with hundreds of people. Babies, I hardly need to mention, are not allowed to be loud; after so much wait and paying the extra surcharge nobody wants to be disturbed.

So after we got out of there, we got to wander through the rest of the Van Gogh museum (to see actual Van Goghs), which was much brighter, airer, and less crowded. Since it was Friday night, the museum was open late (9 pm) with a wine bar and 3piece jazz band. Finn and I just sat on the carpet to listen to the music and had a little father-son moment.

After a while we were joined by this little French boy. He was willing to speak to me in French, though his father did the typical thing where I speak French and he speaks English. Nice enough though, he allowed his boy to take a picture of Finn with his cell phone. Finn had a lot of fun chasing him around; he loves playing with older boys. And this boy clearly had more fun paying attention to Finn than the paintings or jazz.

In so many museums we had to tag-team parent to watch Finn and be bored while the other went through the exhibits. When I had a chance to have fun and hear music and have Finn entertained like this, it was much more enjoyable.

Also notice Finn's little Thomas train in his hand; he kept that for the entire trip (this day is after 33 days of travel!)

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