Family Camping

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Nancy and I took Finn for an overnight camp to a different river. This one was a short hike (2 miles in), south of Seattle, near Enumclaw, which is almost to Mount Rainier. It was one of the easiest hikes in my book. We chose it because we planned to take the stroller (the big-wheeled jogging stroller) on the trail. Wow, it turned that hike from very easy to very hard - it has to be muscled up every hill and over every root. Little steps turn into having to carry it. Anyway, we made it and I needed the workout anyway. This was our last camping outing before my leave of absence was over.

My two hiking companions:

The crazed look of a hiker.

Finn hikes too.

Spoon loves hiking so much, he just had to come along.

What beautiful rapids.

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