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When I was in ROTC in college, getting ready for becoming an Army
officer, we did some training out in the woods on moving from cover to
cover, called "buddy rushes". You were supposed to jump up from lying
behind the tree, run to the next tree in 3 to 5 seconds, and lie down
again. When I tried it, I fell down on my rifle wrong and put the
gunsights through my nose. I ended up needing some stitches in two
places on my nose - and had to explain to the emergency room people I
didn't actually put the rifle *through* my nose, just hit myself in the
head with the metal part. Anyway I got a little horizontal scar on the
right side of my nose.

But the funny thing is that Finnegan now has a tiny little pink scar
that looks exactly the same in the exact same spot. He must have done
it with sharp fingernails. You can barely see it. It's kinda weird ...

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