Consder if you can get out of the area.

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Homeland Security, in between throwing half-million dollars parties, has
issued a pamphlet on how to be informed about a possible nuclear blast.
Apparently if a nuke detonates occurs on Main Street, and you're on
Broadway, you should take a left and then go straight.

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Nancy Treder said:

After all the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical training we had in the Army, this is the best advice that the experts have for us. How about this advice? If a nuclear bomb goes off on Main Street, walk toward the glowing embers and don't stop. There won't be any help anyway, so it's best to just get it over with in a hurry.

Mary Ann said:

This website has awesome tips for a radiation blast as well. We practice these escape techniques in Ann Arbor! Maybe that's where they got the map!

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