Why do you hate America?

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People who make it difficult to communicate online:

Handling trolls:
(note, the name comes from fishing, not from the monster)

Handling porcupines:

I'm posting this instead of responding to some of the posts I've seen
running between relatives.

Everytime I try to think of any response at all, I am filled with the
urge to just unload a huge rant.

Who are these "liberals"? Who are those "conservatives" ? They are
us. They are in our own family. Sometimes we label "those people"
the "extreme right" or "extreme left" to give the idea that, oh, I'm not
talking about YOU, just your viewpoint.

I don't want to read any more accusations from people I love that I
"hate America". Stop saying those who dissent must be "with the
terrorists". Think about what the Christ in "Christian" taught to do
when somebody strikes you. Acknowledge that there may be Christians in
America who love their country but do not love violence, poverty,
vengeance, torture, or prisoners. There is a uniform in my closet with
a US flag on it and I feel entitled to have an opinion and still be an

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