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John Eisenhower, son of General and President Eisenhower, is a
Republican like his father, with an interesting point of view.


While some compare this to Ron Reagan with Ronald Reagan, I think people
knew those two were estranged for a while. While Esienhower is much
more in sync with his father's point of view. Worth reading the article.

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Nancy Treder said:

Thanks for posting that article. Eisenhower's emphasis on critical thinking is important right now.

Tom Treder said:

Thanks, Doug.
I head John Eisenhower interviewed on NPR and he seemed like a wonderfully levelheaded kind of guy, very matter-of-fact about matters of great significance, many of which he had a hand in shaping.
I especially liked him stating " I will vote for John Kerry enthusiastically. " I keep wanting Senator Kerry to hit me emotionally like Bill Clinton did (if you objected to Bill Clinton, please overlook my nostalgia), but emotional overtures simply aren't Kerry's strength. He is sober, concerned, and calm under withering fire or he wouldn't be the national figure he is today. Count me among the enthusiasts, too!

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