Better Dead than Red

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This website is awesome, I check it daily.

but, as the webmaster notes, polling itself is becoming irrelevant, due
to 1) cell phones, 2) overseas and absentee ballots, 3) paid pollsters,
and 4) "normalizing" based on "likely to vote" formulas that get less
and less likely each year. Almost all pollsters are using normalizing
numbers that didn't even match the last election's voter turnout, let
alone this one.

Anyway, fun to have a daily heartattack keeping up with the polls on
this site.

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Doug said:

the subject line is just a joke by the way....also I don't want you to think that I'm saying that the site is completely wrong...just that I bet this year there'll be a few surprises when the real totals come out. Might not affect the election though.

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