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This conference is great for enjoying geekdom. Nancy's Powerbook laptop helps alot. The wireless network is always on, everywhere, so you're always connected. There's power in every room. And her laptop is so small, it feels like (not to beat the dead cliche) the internet in your pocket. It wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable without the Mac.

Lately I've been taking notes while simultaneously working on the BabyWatcher application. I got so excited getting things to work I stayed up til 3 am last night. Here's a screenshot now (with about two months of fake date randomly populated):

This graph will show sleeping patterns (blue for sleep, yellow for awake), based on the wakeup/go to sleep times you put in. The idea is you click the buttons when the baby wakes up or falls asleep and it's way easier than keeping paper records like the hospital recommends.

The cool thing is it's easy to make the graph scale up and down as you move the slider.

This is so cool that even though I am falling asleep I am still trying
to code it up while I listen to presentations throughout the

This is what we mean by geek out : all code, all internet, all
computers, all the time. Like Stimpy says: happy happy, joy joy.

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Nancy Treder said:

While you've been geeking out, I've been freakin' out with too many projects on my hands. It's great to hear how happy you are.
Keep having fun!

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