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Two more tutorials today but not nearly as good as yesterday. The
first one on XML Schema languages had the author get stuck in Chicago
en route from France, and his replacements just read his handout. I
got out of there after reading the handout myself and listened to the
tail end of Damian's talk on Perl 6 pattern matching, which goes beyond
regexes into grammars. I'm pretty excited about it; this may be one
Perl6 module that I actually use in real life (Damian writes these to
give you some of the features of Perl6 in Perl 5).

The second wasn't much better; POE, which is a event system for Perl,
apparently very popular, but there are already a bunch of these at
Amazon (Chasqui), so I probably wouldn't get to use it.

So I got out, keeping the handout to read later, and went for a long
run along the Columbia river. I went about 3 miles and it's pretty
hot. But I feel a lot better having run. Then I took a soak in the
hottub and pool. Eating in restaurants with steak and pizza and ice
cream is too rich for me. I'm now cutting back to salads and Zone
Bars. Feeling so much better.

Tonight we have Larry's State of the Onion speech and one by Damian as

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