The Beautiful People

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Came back from Sara's wedding. Hands down she is certainly the most
beautiful woman I've ever seen married (and I've been to a LOT of
weddings helping Nancy). And Sara had everything organized to go so
smoothly! It may not have seemed so to her at the time, but she put on
the perfect wedding. Chad got super super lucky to marry her.

A story I was telling around the reception was this one: When Maryann
was a kid, she used to come up with the most hilarious ideas out of
nowhere. One day, she said "Hey, if Sara marries Doug and Monica
marries Greg, who am I gonna marry?" I think I remember Mom telling it
more often than Maryann. Seeing Sara last Saturday I would certainly
have married her! if we weren't related of course...and I wasn't already
married. :)

We had a great time and Nancy did a fabulous job with the photography.
She had enough pain medication that she was able to do all the running
around and jumping and squatting and smiling that she always does even
though she is five months pregnant. I think people may not realize,
when they book her, how important and rare her skill with people/posing
is. Some photographers can get great shots but Nancy manages to do it
in a very short time while making sure everybody has fun. It is rare to
see the artistic and the social skills in one person - I have never seen
anyone else able to do it except maybe her friend Susan.

We also held a breakfast for the Treder family Saturday morning, which
was a lot of fun. It was all Nancy's idea and organization. I think
people had a good time and it certainly helped Nancy feel like she had a
real baby shower with family, though we didn't get gifts (Ralph did send
us a gift though via mail). I wonder though if family members realize
how costly it is to do one of those? It cost about 700 dollars to do
the breakfast in the hotel. We had thought about a money jar, but I
don't like those things. Of course I can't complain about money stuff
in real life, but I feel free to do it in the blog :) where nobody reads

The most important thing is that Nancy feels somewhat normal about the
pregnancy , having real family confirm and support it, so that she feels
somewhat special and honored. There are some friends here in Seattle
having babies first, and some of my family have had babies first, and I
just want Nancy to feel hers is not only unique but also just as worthy
of attention and special consideration. Having that makes the hard
part of childbirth/childcare a little more bearable, I think.

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Carrie said:

Thank you both so much for putting on the baby shower, so that we could all share your joy, especially when it was so expensive! I'll make sure the baby has plenty of fancy handknit things to wear, even though Greg says that will make me the uncool aunt. :) Does it ever get cold in Seattle?

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