Finding a Camera

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Just recording my ideas about cameras. Here's some of the network
cameras I found. I couldn't find any that were simple snapshot cameras
- all these do fullmotion video as well as snapshot. Panasonic makes a
line of cameras, many of which are pan & tilt (the more expensive ones
can zoom too). Our rooms are small enough that we probably don't need
zoom. Another advantage of the Panasonics is that their wireless
cameras will all sync up and coordinate to a single interface with
multiple images. The MSRPs on this website are wildly inflated.

KX-HCM10 - the non-wireless one. about $250 retail
KX-HCM250 - the indoor pan/tilt wireless - about $475 retail
KX-HCM280 - also does zoom ( a hang-from-ceiling model) about $800 retail

I'm sure I want one for the nursery. It's tempting to get a whole
bunch, but I'm not sure where I would put any other camera - the front
door is an idea but it wouldn't get much use there, really. Maybe the
kitchen/dining room? I wonder how Nancy would feel about having a
camera in there? Also, it might be best to just buy a second wireless
router and hook the camera into that (especially if buying more than
one), rather than trying to get the antenna right on the camera. The
router could go in the attic and the cameras' ethernet cables snake up
there through the walls.

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