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I found some old buddies on the internet, finally! For a long time I'd
been completely stymied in trying to find anyone that I knew in College
and before, with any Net presence at all. Website, email address,
ANYTHING! (if you for Doug Treder you get pages and
pages of hits). When I couldn't find anyone, it was scary - either the
Internet is a lot less compelling and intrinsic than I thought (which
means I'm wasting my life working on it all the time), or these people
just dropped off the face of the earth! Happy to say today I found
several examples that neither is the case. People are still alive and
well and sometimes you can even get a picture!

Here is a picture of one:
Knew her in junior high; apparently she moved to Arizona.

Kirsten Hice was from elementary school; now a 1st grade teacher, still
in pontiac, at a charter school (sounds a bit scary):

One of the wild tenors from college: You can still see it
in his eyes. I'm sure his students must have a blast with someone so wacky.

Also found about 10 people I knew on this page from ROTC: looks like
some are now Majors, most Captains.

and I found out that Eric Varner plays principal bassoon in the Ann
Arbor symphony. Wow!

Hopefully these links make those people just a bit more popular in
Google's eyes, and help us all find each other.

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