I'm back

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I've been debating whether or not to respond to the huge email chain going around bouncing off Obama and health care reform at various points.  It's been keeping me up all night!   Hard to believe I didn't remember I do have a bully pulpit right here where no one will read what I write. :)  So I don't need to respond; I can just post.   So expect a few more posts these days.

I have more to say on Obama and Health Care reform, but for now let me just say I am for both!  A few links I've been wanting to post around:

How American Health Care Killed My Father (The Atlantic)  This one is the most important.  Please do read this; a good summary of all the arguments being spun on all sides around insurance - the author's father is only used as a narrative to tie it together.

The Tree of Crazy in America

Quote from Metafilter on these antireformers at town meetings (and perhaps even these email chains?):

The disruptions at these town hall meetings are not democracy, but an undermining of democracy. They are pure political theater, organized by PR firms and based in a deliberate campaign of misinformation intended to terrify the very ignorant, and then turn their terror into outrage, and they are supported by Republicans in office, not because Obama's nascent health care plan is especially bad, but because they're sole purpose is the craven seeking of power, and they are so furious to have lost the power that they so hideously abused for eight years that they have turned bullying and obstructionist, and will do anything at all to try and make Obama seem like a devil, and make his policies fail, so they can trumpet his failures during the next election to attempt to seize power again. It is pure political theater, and a hideous betrayal of our democratic ideals, which rely on the free exchange of valid and factually accurate ideas.

Roger Ebert on "Death Panels" (with some videos from Passion De Jeanne D'Arc, great if you love classic movies!)

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