Solo Camping

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I needed some time on my own. Nancy had suggested a kind of silent retreat, away from work, computers, and family, and the more I thought about it, I liked her idea. I took Spoon with me on an overnight camping trip to Boulder River. This is about an hour north of Seattle not too far from Mount Baker.
Spoon absolutely loves hiking. He's ahead of me the whole way, trotting back to see if old slowpoke (me) is still coming. There were a lot of downed trees, deep ravines, and log bridges, some quite high off the ground (hard to tell from these cellphone pictures), but Spoon has absolutely no fear.

There were several large waterfalls (over 150 feet), but the depth and distance don't really show here. Very spectacular.

The end of the trail ended at the river after about 5 miles, with some nice campsites and rushing rapids.

Spoon is happy to have some shelter from rain and cold.

Even hiking 5 miles with 30 pounds does not undo 8 years of nerdification at Amazon.

But at least I'm warm. This is my gangsta face.

I spent several hours just thinking.

Important to tie the food up high so bears, foxes, and squirrels don't get it. Except a bird was able to fly in and peck open the bag of gorp.

On the way out next morning, Spoon poses with Boulder River's namesake.
Postscript: after the 5 mile hike out, I found my truck's door open and battery dead. So Spoon and I walked another 4 miles out to find a friendly person to give us a jump. He never gets tired; he was still running and barking after 9 miles in a period of 3 hours.

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moncia said:

Wow, I am glad for you that you got to go out and do that. The pics are awesome, and that is great that Spoon got to come along, he doesn't look liek much of a trail dog, but i guess looks can be deceiving:o)
BTW the story about Finn blowing his nose, priceless. It's kinda funny, one morning a while back, Sara had already gone to work and Chad was holding Luke. I was in the bathroom blowing my nose, and I hear Chad say to Luke, "what is that? It's a Treder!"
I replied "are you making fun of me?" To which he said "You guys all sound the same when you blow your nose, i make fun of Sara all the time"
The more I thought about it, the more I thought he was right, I think it's pretty funny.
Well, enough of my long comment, hope all is well, can't wait to see your pictures of Europe.
Take care of your beautiful family and send my love to all (you included :o)

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