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West Point grad. US Army Colonel. PhD at Princeton. Prof at Boston
University. New book out.

"...we see that it is not fair to say that the Republican Party is the
party of militarists, or hawks, and the Democratic Party is the party of
doves. On the contrary, certainly by the time you get to Operation
Desert Storm and its apparent... success, a consensus has been formed in
mainstream politics — by Republicans and Democrats that force works, at
least force wielded by our high-tech professional military. Look at the
two terms of Bill Clinton in the 1990s. He employed U.S. military power
really promiscuously, in all kinds of circumstances for all kinds of
purposes, not necessarily effectively. He was very much an
interventionist president, in a military sense. The criticism from the
Republicans for the most part was not that Clinton was intervening too
frequently, but that he needed to do so with greater verve."

...again, the Republicans and Democrats and the establishment media,
which very quickly embraced this — almost immediately concluded that the
necessary response was a global war, which by common consent is going to
last decades, generations. They all think there are no plausible
alternatives. Let me be clear: it could be that other alternatives were
defective in some way, but my point is, we never really looked for them."

Interview: http://www.bu.edu/alumni/bostonia/2004/winter/war/

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