Sometimes I scare myself

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Sometimes I scare myself by reading articles like this:

don't read if easily persuaded or frightened....

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Nancy Treder said:

I saw the beginning of the end when people started saying, "I don't care what happens behind closed doors as long as it doesn't affect my pocketbook."

Well, the approach of turning a blind eye has now brought us to the economic point of no return and we must decide to take the easy way out and jump into the swirling mass of trouble and misery; or we must climb back up the hill fighting tooth and nail to regain our collective conscience and take back "our" Republic while repelling the neo-cons' ability to force feed us a future of debt and servitude to further their own means.

Patrick Henry said it best, "Give me liberty or give me death." Let's hope that we don't have to die to win back our civil liberties in the New Republic.

Carrie said:

Umm... sorry to comment off topic.. I just can't remember the email address to which I would send my post. Could you let me know, please? Jeesh. I'm such a slacker, not updating since Christmas.

Adrian said:

Just a note, and i know its off post, I am looking for a baby watcher app as per yours, is it possible to buy them commercially at all??

First new baby out the wrapper 5 days ago adn am looking for something to monitor its progress.

All help appreciated

Warm regards

Adrian Cole

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