You Can Never Have Too Much Stuff

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If we all hate consumerism, how come we can't stop shopping?

I'm especially struck by the idea of "positional goods". Those that
you can only have if many other people do not. Rare art; desirable
real estate; access to the hip clubs; the best restaurants. A
growing economy (well, whether we have one or not) doesn't increase
the amount of these goods; it only makes them more expensive.
Sometimes they shift into regular goods; once the corps figures out
people will pay a lot for designer purses, there's suddenly a thousand
knock-off. As they start to be mass-produced they are suddenly less
desirable; this drives the cycles of waste and obsolescence. But the
point is that those who thought themselves "above" consumerism by
buying only the distinctive designer purses are just as much to blame,
by creating the market, as those who exploited it. I guess the
reason the idea hits me so hard is it forces me to reconsider my plan
to just accumulate "enough" and then live on that. The article posits
perhaps it is not possible to "opt out" of consumerism at all.

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