Diversity Whether You Like it or Not!

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On CNN the Bush-Cheney campaign admitted to photoshopping in a bunch of
soldiers to fill the gaps. Click here to see the ad and who got turned
into a "force-multiplier" (hehehe)


This reminds me of when the University of Michigan got caught putting
out a brochure that had a black student photoshopped strategically
several times into a picture of graduation, to give the idea that blacks
were well-represented. They were embarassed to admit that they didn't
have any actual photos of non-white people graduating! When word got
out, it was a pretty big scandal.

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Carrie said:

Wow. It's like they used desktop wallpaper for their add.

An Army of one. Heehee.

Nancy Treder said:

It just goes to show that truth is advertising is an oxymoron.

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