What Bush Will Do

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*Back to the Future* - What Bush would do if he were president. For $2.4
trillion, guess what word—other than "a," "and," and "the"—occurs most
frequently in the acceptance speech George W. Bush delivered tonight.
The word is "will." It appears 76 times. This was a speech all about
what Bush will do, and what will happen, if he becomes president.


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Sara said:

So, do you affiliate yourself with either party? What party is most popular in WA? I imagine it is Democratic, judging by the Seattle population.
I would almost always align myself with the Republican party and where they stand on a lot of issues, but it's getting harder to see past the one man representing that party on the podium.

Tom Treder said:

Doug, great article. Thanks for making your preferences clear. Makes me feel less like the Lone Ranger and more like maybe the cavalry will eventually arrive.

Bush has brought results -- 1% of American families are wealthier than they would have been without him, my kids' school is eliminating teacher positions as the school population grows, parents of young children are being shipped overseas to die pointlessly in the desert, and the clock is running down on the planet-wrecking bomb called global warming. But not to worry, Bush 'will' do 'something' if we give him the chance. God help us if we find out what.

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