Double or Half

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In between all the noise for and against Bush or Kerry, there's a few
quiet voices starting to come through about the similarity of the two
candidates, and the issues they're both conveniently ignoring. The
reality is that no matter which is elected, there's still going to be
soldiers in Iraq, and there's still going to be terrorists. And we
still have economic doom waiting for us...and nobody's talking about it.

We're now at a point that's easy to visualize, without too many
numbers: if we act right now, we can either double your taxes, or
halve Social Security/Medicare. Double or half. Wait, and it will get
worse. It's not going to go away.

And when people finally do realize this doom - the market crash will be
huge. And even those of us did ARE saving for our retirement, not
depending on the government, will lose as well, as the dollar crashes
and savings become worthless. How did the Republicans let themselves
become the "big-spenders" party? Not that the Dems are any better.

One of these days I have to write a blog about our house, move, or baby....

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