Selling and BabyCam

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Lately we've been selling anything that we are not actually using. I
sold a mixer, a modem, books, some speakers, the weight set and bench,
and a monitor. Then we gave a bunch of old clothes to charity (we still
need to donate a bunch of furniture like our couch and futons). This
gives us more space to bring in all the new stuff for the baby, and to
do painting and stuff in the nursery.

I'm wondering what I should do for blogging the baby. Should I set up a
baby cam in the ceiling so I can see him from work? And also
automatically post pictures to the website. (Some people use them to
spy on their nannies too, but we won't have a nanny). the site has got me pretty jealous. It would be
cool to log everything and be able to predict baby trends as he does.
Well, I'll consider the camera and we'll see about the rest. What do
you think?

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Sara said:

Him??? I thought you weren't revealing the baby's sex until the shower?
That other guy's blog would take a lot of time wouldn't it? But since you're so good at that stuff it probably wouldn't take you as long to keep up with it, and make changes to the page.
You're going to bring ultrasound pictures to the shower????

Doug said:

We still don't know the sex. But I absolutely refuse to say "it" or "them" I just randomly use her or him, sometimes rarely both. :)

Carrie said:

I was the same way... I never wanted to call my child an "it". But I always felt that to say "him" or "her" would be jinxing the opposite sex, if the child happened to be that (yes, I know I'm a freak). So I usually just said "the baby", until we knew one way or the other. :)

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