ye old Component Inspector

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Boy I'm ticked at a guy here at work. I created a cool gadget called
the Component Inspector at work. It helps debug our web software
platform and it's graphical with popup windows and panes and such.
Anyway, the new group that's supposedly taking care of it has managed to
break it. It's always kind of sad to see old software die, but this
software is only a couple of months old! Worse, one of the members of
the new team managed to get the patent application for it, while not
writing any of the code for it! (In fact I never even discussed it with
him prior to seeing him with the patent lawyers!) And it turns out
another member of their group is writing a competing tool. I guess
that's why they don't feel any need to support it. No names named, but
they know who they are.

Apparently writing blogs is supposed to help you get things off your
chest. Consider this a "functional" test message then.

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