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Almost forgot to mention; we bought a new bed as well. It really
brings home how small our bedroom is! It's a queen-size sleigh bed and
it looks beautiful, and with the matching nightstand it will barely
fit. I don't think there'll be room for a co-sleeper for the baby on
the side (and even if there was it would block all access to the
closet). I'm loath to give up the idea of a co-sleeper because it
just seems like it will let us all have a more normal sleep-life.

I think I will also move the computer and keyboard (music) up to the
library; that way I can be on the same floor as the baby all the time.

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Carrie said:

Normal sleep life?? :) There will be a new normal now. Actually, I think we sleep/slept better with the babies in bed with us. The baby wouldn't have to be completely awake and crying hard to wake us up, and we wouldn't have to get up and go in another room to feed them. I just rolled over, hardly waking up, and nursed them, then went back to sleep. If there's no room for a co-sleeper, (which I had wanted, too), there's this thing that's sort of like a little bed that goes in the middle of your bed. That wouldn't take up any more space in your room, and the bambino/a would still get to sleep with you. I'll see if I can find it and email you the link.

Carrie said:

Found it! It's called the Deluxe Snuggle Nest, and amazon carries it! Also, have you been getting any of my emails for the blog/otherwise?

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