Kitchen of Doom

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We just got the estimates for our kitchen. It's like $9000 just for
the cabinet boxes, then there's more for installation, the countertop,
to finish off the tiles, the appliances, and taxes! But even that
number is suspect because Nancy now wants a simpler facing (which is
cheaper), and I mis-measured by 12 inches, so we have to cut out some
from the end. And we are probably not going to get as many glass
windows in the cupboards as Nancy originally thought. Also still have
to decide between Corian countertop and quartz.

I think I will just ask the contractor if he can do the rest of the
tiles. We did the dining room ourselves, but in the kitchen, with new
cabs to come and appliances still in place, it's so hard to get
started. And then will come the painting...

But it should look amazing when we are done...and we will have so much
more room in the same amount of space.

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