Healthy Baby!

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We got our test results today from Nancy's "Integrated Screening"! The
baby is very healthy! The test is a detailed ultrasound with pictures
(to detect how well-formed the spinal cord is, for things like spina
bifida) and a big blood test checking for several different proteins.
The main idea is to avoid doing an amniocentesis if you don't have to.
If the screen says you have a risk of Down's syndrome or trisomy 18 (or
neural cord defect) then you do an amnio, otherwise you avoid all those
needles and the risk. And our baby is very healthy: the risk for
mothers Nancy's age is usually 1 in 400 but for our baby it is less than
1 in 20,000 ( as low as it goes). So we are very very happy to know
he's ok!

Even 1 in 400 odds are pretty good and I would still of course have a
child, but it's so relieving to know that you can be nearly certain
(even more certain than most mothers ever are) that our kid is doing well.

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